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It’s Only a Lifestyle if You Live It

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

The Hindi word Saar, meaning essence, relates to our everyday lives. Saar was an idea born from that feeling of comfort when a soft cotton drapes around your shoulders and the magic that’s ignited in one’s soul when you witness breathtaking colours of nature. Two elements both deeply native to traditional Indian fabrics and textile art.

Although our origins as the founders of Saar are vastly different our love of making a house a home ultimately brought us together. We live for the handmade, the eco-friendly and supporting sustainable, ethical artisans has become our passion. Once we knew we had a shared vision our journey began with understanding everything possible about the artistry we had come to love - hand block print from Jaipur, India.

Something special about hand block printing brings a life to fabric like no other. The intricately designed patterns and color schemes are uniquely stunning. Welcoming this art form into the décor of your home adds such a layer of dimension, you will regret not discovering it sooner.

As the creative force behind the company, Kelly and Zeel’s vision for décor and respect for the craft of block print inspires them to work with the talented artisans who keep this age-old tradition alive. Saar is a blossoming initiative to curate these printed textiles and home décor elements so that everyone can experience those same feelings of awe and comfort without leaving your own home.

Hand block printing has had a myriad of influences stemming from the geographical location of the state of Rajasthan. The culture, history and nature of the region are prevalent in the simplest to most elaborate of traditional designs. The essence of the countryside and the architecture of the towns and cities repeatedly and prominently feature.

Production, mainly in the city of Jaipur, takes place in small family workshops, nurturing dignity, pride, and humanity at every level. Women sitting at the traditional hand ‘charka’ wheel spin a pure cotton yarn. The product is a piece of extraordinary beauty and workmanship, a distinct impression of the human hand, an amalgamation of rich history with unprecedented quality and artistic innovation.

We at Saar Lifestyle want to preserve the beauty of this tradition. We believe the makers, their craft and the heritage behind handmade products are just as beautiful as the product itself. Their stories need to be told, and we want to bring those stories to our followers.

Saar is an online curator with a goal to promote these handmade crafts and a passion for sustainability in everyday lifestyle choices. We are on a journey to explore how traditional techniques are finding expression in cross cultural contemporary aesthetics. We partner with a careful selection of artisans to ensure we provide them with a fair platform to help them grow.

All of our products are fair trade which means your purchase supports fair wages, gender equality, safe and dignified working conditions. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers in developing countries.

So, when shopping a lifestyle brand, we should be asking ourselves these key questions to determine how ethical their products are?

1. Who made my products?

2. Are they (the employees) safe?

3. Are they free from any binding?

4. Is child labor involved?

At Saar, we ensure every one of our artisans meets high ethical standards where fair trade can flourish.

We’re so excited to share our journey with you and all of the amazing artisans we find along the way. We’ll be posting regularly to our new blog with tidbits of education on the art forms we can’t get enough of, design tips for how to make your house a home and occasionally even a peek into the more personal parts of Saar! 😉


Saar is an online boutique and you can always reach us by email at:

You can follow us on Instagram - @saarlifestyleusa and Facebook at Saar Lifestyle.

Visit our website at for our products and latest updates.

Welcome to Saar!

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